Control the microstructure of plasma sprayed coatings

Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales CNES - 05/03/2017


The present invention allows the control of the microstructure of the plasma sprayed coatings. It consists mainly of a selective filtering of the least energy droplets and a selective determination of system settings related to a specific microstructure.


Control of the microstructure of coatings - Finely textured coating. - Elimination of the untreated droplets. - Better control of cracking in the deposit. - Manufacturing of not cracked homogeneous nanometric microstructures. - Nano- and micro structured deposits and wear resistant. Potential applications - Aerospace, medical, energy, harsh environments, mechanical (friction, wear, etc.). - Realization of thermal barriers for propulsion. - Manufacture of solid electrolytes for fuel cells. - Creation of anti-wear and biomedical coatings.

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