Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales CNES - 09/14/2017


Use of pressurizing gas from a satellite tank to deploy a desorbitation system. Current reservoirs, with menbrane, use a pressurisation gas to maintain an adequate pressure along their depletion. This invention uses the pressurization gas present in the fuel tank to deploy an inflatable semi-rigid appendage allowing desorbitation of the satellites at the end of their life.


- Cost reduction by avoiding an additional propulsion system - The satellite remains on mission longer - Less desorbitation fuel needed - More fuel usable during the mission Use of pressurizing gases - Taking advantage of «unnecessary» gases contained in reservoirs for inflating or deploying an appendage during the passivation stage - Compliance with the space law on pressurized systems Simpler satellite desorbitation - Increases drag by deploying an element that increases the satellite surface


Spatial - Satellite in low orbit having a chemical propulsion system or cold gas

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