Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales CNES - 10/05/2017


An observation beacon for an object, observation system and method for transmitting associated observation data The invention relates to an observation beacon for a system for observing a plurality of objects arranged in distinct geographical locations. This tag emits the collected data upon receipt of the ADS-B signal emitted by the aircraft which is supposed to collect the data.


Energy saving -Better use of the energy provided for the feeding of autonomous beacons (IoT) Less expensive equipment - Less expensive tag because need to emit less far More efficient technology - The architecture makes it possible to take into account more tags without difficulties related to the large number of signals received -The signal-to-noise ratio is more interesting An adaptable architecture - The beacon emits a certain power according to the power of the transmission request signal The object can know where it is - The signal emitted by the aircraft allows the beacon to locate itself roughly - Allows the adaptation of the communication frequency according to the geographical area


Agriculture - Study of different ground characteristics (humidity, temperature) Maritime - Study of the sea by means of boats Zoology - Study of species at risk of extinction Indoor - Water meter / electricity meter reading

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