Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales CNES - 10/11/2017


Splitting of time space so that a receiver can intercept several signals without collisions during a small time slice The time slicing technique is used to optimize the reception of data from several transmitters with a small window of time visibility. Thus, a drone, or a satellite, can recover data from many transmitters in a single pass without collision of messages.


Fewer components required - Extreme simplicity of the electronics required for emission and reception, no Internet, nor of GPS Reliability and resilience - Robustness, low consumption and high reliability of information transport, even in the absence of traditional channels (Internet, GSM ...) Network autonomy - Transmitters can transmit without internet and potentially without exchange of signals Precision timing - The cutting is done on the synchronous electrical network phase on a geographical area, it is therefore very precise and global. Prioritization of Received Signals - Cutting makes it possible to create priority intervals in order to avoid important signals collisions, fire alarms ...


Civil security - Extraction of data during catastrophic events (earthquake, tsunami) during which Internet and GSM communications are cut off. Military - Recovery of geographical information of soldiers on mission equipped with transmitter bracelets Internet of things - Recover data from all objects connected to the sector but not necessarily to the Internet, meter reading of the electricity supplier Spatial - Data retrieval of hundreds of tags simultaneously, prefiguring a SUPER Cospas-Sarsat

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