Micro-sensor for clean rooms

Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales CNES - 10/17/2016


The invention is based on the principle of optical detection via transmission through a transparent particle collection surface. Optical detection is coupled to a bi-directional scanning system and a system enabling it to have power autonomy, to be wireless and to be networked with other sensors.


Guaranteed production Better production quality A secure environment


A safe solution - Safeguards the level of clean room contamination, see ISO standard (size and number) - Particle collection surface: only mobile laser so no risk of particles detaching from the surface An accurate solution - Equipment dimensions: to enable local measurement (of critical devices) - Measurement of very ne particles: diameters between 1 and 20 μm Real-time monitoring - Real-time measurement of particulate surface contamination - Information provided: number of particles, particle size and particle form factor. Optical detection - Power autonomy, wireless - May be networked with other sensors

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