Method and system for the production of recombinant proteins by cells

Université Libre de Bruxelles - Réseau LIEU - 06/03/2020


The invention concerns a cassette sequence for the transformation of a host cell includes at least: a first nucleotide sequence encoding a peptide or protein of interest to be produced by the host cell. The first sequence is linked to a second nucleotide sequence providing resistance to a toxin or encoding an antitoxin peptide to the toxin. The nucleotide sequences are organized in such a way that production of the peptide encoded by the second nucleotide sequence(s) is translationally coupled to production of the peptide encoded by the first nucleotide sequence. Thus, any modification of the protein of interest do not enable the expression of the antitoxin that leads to the death of the cell host. The quality and the yield of expression of the awaited product is then efficiently improved.


Efficient production of peptides or proteins of interests; High production and quality yield guaranties.

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