Method for manufacturing Ti alloys with enhanced strength-ductility balance

Université Libre de Bruxelles - Réseau LIEU - 06/03/2020


The invention provides innovative post-process heat treatments that can be applied to near-net shape parts made up of Ti alloys built by AM. The properties obtained not only improve in a large way the as-built AM parts without altering their geometry, they even exceed the performances of the wrought Ti-6Al-4V material. This innovative process leads to the production of dual-phase α/α’ structures. The heat-treatment consists first in heat-treating the near-net shape part in the α + β Ti phase field in a specific range of temperature (generally between 875°C and 920°C). The part is then quenched in order to transform β phase and produce controlled volume fractions of martensite (α ’ phase).


Heat-treatment specifically developed for, but not limited to, near-net shape Ti parts; Broad range of tensile properties obtained by varying the martensite fraction: large yield strength, large ductility, and high ultimate tensile strength; Remarkable work-hardening behaviour inducing an improvement of the strength-ductility balance that translates into excellent energy absorption capabilities; This new level of properties even exceeds that of conventional wrought Ti parts, making it very interesting for aeronautic and biomedical applications.

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