RHBG as a biomarker for cancer and a drug target to inhibit cancer proliferation

Université Libre de Bruxelles - Réseau LIEU - 06/03/2020


The inventors have identified a transmembrane ammonium transporter protein from the Rhesus family, the Rhesus B glycoprotein (RHBG), whose expression level is predictive of cancer. RHBG constitutes thereby a promising biomarker for luminal breast tumour. This biomarker has potential applications in diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring (companion diagnostic) of luminal breast cancer and the patent application family covers the related methods. The inventors furthermore evidenced that inhibition of RHBG expression in luminal breast cancer cells decreased proliferation of the cells. This makes RHBG an interesting therapeutic target as well for treatment of breast cancer.


- RHBG is a new biomarker for luminal breast cancer tumors. - RHBG is a new drug target for the development of treatments to inhibit luminal breast cancer proliferation. - Clinical studies of the prognostic value of RHBG expression in breast cancers could provide further insights about the behaviour and treatment of RHBG expressing tumors. - RHBG could be used as prognostic (Disease-Free and Overall Survival - DFS and OS) and predictive marker. Potential applications: Oncology Diagnosis Prognosis Companion diagnostic Breast cancer drug discovery

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