Reactivation of HIV-1 gene expression to treat persistent HIV infection

Université Libre de Bruxelles - Réseau LIEU - 09/18/2020


The combined use of two drugs to activate latent HIV could cause a synergistic reactivation of HIV-1 production. Indeed, a proof-of-concept has been demonstrated by inventors for the coadministration of two different types of therapeutically promising HIV-1 inducers [DNA methylation inhibitors in combination with histone deacethylase inhibitors (HDACis) or histone methyltransferase inhibitors (HMTis) in combination with HDACi or NF-kappaB inducers] together with efficient cART as a therapeutic perspective to decrease the pool of latent HIV-1 reservoirs.


Obtaining a regimen to eliminate the latent compartment of HIV-1 and stop cART therapies may: - limit exposure to the anti-AIDS molecules, thereby limiting side effects → the life quality of the patients would be greatly improved. - reduce the care costs for HIV+ patients.


New drug combination with efficient cART used as a therapeutic perspective to decrease latent HIV-1. As selected molecules are already promising candidates or accepted in human clinical trials or therapies for other diseases, a clinical phase Ib/II has been launched. The cART therapy is the only treatment currently available for AIDS and our current approach is innovative, no competition exists for the moment in this competitive market.

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