Minimally invasive anchoring system

Université Libre de Bruxelles - Réseau LIEU - 09/18/2020


The invention provides methods and tools to implant a durable anchoring system with a single access percutaneous surgery with a low invasive procedure. An anchor, made of a flexible body composed of silicone rubber, and two or more holding pins, is designed to be attached on any hollow organs with a single incision procedure to minimise the duration of the procedure, the risks for the patient and the resulting scar, which is almost invisible. This anchoring system can be used for various applications, from single step stapling to mini-invasive placement of stimulation electrodes in soft tissue. Indeed, it has the advantage of being mainly made of flexible silicone, easily reshapable when manufactured, and able to comprise two or more electrodes (for sensing and/or stimulation), drugs delivery channels or to offer an efficient surgical closure.


Mini-invasive and single step anchoring technique, reducing surgery duration, scar visibility and risk for the patient. Wide variety of application from electrode anchoring to drug delivery, or stapling. Highly versatile thanks to its silicone base reshapable for any needs, able to embed two or more holding pins that can be used for sensing and/or functional stimulation.


When attached on the stomach for functional stimulation, it was proven to hold more than one year during a pre-clinical study on 6 dogs. The flexibility and the shape of the main silicone body can be easily redesigned to match the targeted application and location.

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