Better Genitourinary Cancer Diagnosis

Université Libre de Bruxelles - Réseau LIEU - 09/18/2020


GLAM develops an integrated device based on novel label-free photonic biosensors with ultra-sensitivity, simplicity of use, portability, multiplexing and low cost. GLAM capitalizes on the unprecedented sensitivity achieved using laser microring resonators to detect key biomarkers in tumor development and treatment. The GLAM device is a new diagnostic tool to detect biomarkers from biofluids, obtained in a non-invasive manner, specifically in urine and focusing on genitourinary cancers, enabling oncologists to take better treatment decisions. - GLAM consortium already designed and generated the first prototypes of microring structures - Antibodies have already been functionalised to the new microring structures - Patient recruitment has started to collect urine samples - Preliminary preclinical proof of principle with a soluble biomarkers (10) and its corresponding detecting antibody. - Several aspects related to technical documentations are already implemented by all the consortium partners which will serve as the regulatory basis for the CE Certification and ISO 13485.


- Miniaturised, ultra-sensitive, robust, reliable, fast, and cost-effective device, capable of multiplexed biomarker level determination; - Use of urine as the biological material; - Use cheap, environmentally friendly, disposable cartridges; - Rapidity to read the samples through the laser application.


GLAM is an innovative device for personalized diagnosis and therapy monitoring for genitourinary cancers. GLAM project develops a device to monitor and diagnose genitourinary cancers in a personalised way, rapidly, and at low cost.

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