Test bench of star tracker

Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales CNES - 10/17/2016


The invention relates to a star tracker test bench. It includes a star tracker with a protective baf e, a collimator, a screen for displaying a portion of the sky. This invention provides a exible and less expensive solution compared to existing solutions.


Economical - Improved performance, ef ciency gain. Compact size. - Light weight. - Low cost


Flexibility - Allows a functional test of the star tracker at the design stage or in satellite integration phase. - Noninvasive solution. Flexible adaptation to the star tracker. - Flare baf e of the star tracker can be maintained during the test and the integration of the satellite on the ground. Effectivity - Less expensive and complex than traditional solutions. - Test bench is based on consumer equipment, like touch screen. - The indirect illumination of the screen simulates variations of are due to the presence of stars.

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