Absorbent materials of microwaves

Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales CNES - 10/17/2016


The radiated radiofrequency waves transmitted or received can be disturbed by the external environment of the antenna. The disturbance can reduce performances or cause health effects. The material is designed to absorb parasitic waves from the antenna, or external parasitic waves arriving on the antenna. Depending on the position of the antenna, the material is specially designed to obtain a maximal reduction of interactions antenna / structure.


- Economic - Use of a generic fabrication method for speci c needs: improved performance, ef ciency gain. - Flexible and adaptable to different structures. - Compact size and light weight.


Optimized applications - Reducing interference. - Improved performance. - Protection of individuals. Efficiency - Clever shape material. - Sectoral design and/or with blocks (slab). - Each sector / slab absorbs polarized waves TE and / or TM over a given frequency band and for a given angular range.

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