Process catalyzed by a glucan sucrase for the production of original glucosylated lipid derivatives obtained from bio-based materials

INRAE Transfert - 09/13/2022


Research teams from the TBI (Toulouse Biotechnology Institute) and CBMN (Chimie et Biologie des Membranes et Nano-objets) laboratories have developed an enzymatic process for the glucosylation of various hydroxylated fatty acids by glucansucrase GH70 in presence of sucrose for the production of original glycosylated lipid derivatives (glycolipids). The synthesized glucolipids have many interesting surfactant properties for large range of applications. The implemented enzymatic reaction allows to synthesize particular asymmetrical bolaamphiphilic glucolipids, which structures are relatively close to those of sophorolipids. These glycolipids are composed of a long lipid chain (C11 to C18) covalently linked by an ether bond (-C-O-C-) to a carbohydrate unit comprising one or more glucosyl units linked together by an α-1,2, α-1,3, α-1,4 or α-1,6 type osidic bond . The initial sucrose concentration and the type of GH70 enzyme used (native or recombinant, mutated or non-mutated) could control the the glucosylation products in terms of linkage profile, as well as the glucosidic chain length. To date, this type of reaction has never been described in the literature.


- Obtaining characterized and original asymmetric bolaamphiphilic surfactants - Original emulsifying properties: stability of emulsions modulated by pH and salt (stimulable systems), spontaneous motility and agitation of spread emulsions by Marangoni effect - Obtaining very good conversion rates - Obtaining dry, water-redispersible emulsions - Non-toxic and biodegradable glycolipids


This process enables to produce enzymatically glucolipidic surfactants from biosourced materials (sucrose and hydroxylated fatty acids) for the following applications: - Pharmaceutical and phyto industries: drug delivery, anti-fungal, anti-tumor, immune recognition, anti-viral - Cosmetics and detergents industries: moisturizing agents, preservatives, galenics/delivery of molecules - Food industry: anti-biofilm

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