Measurement of antenna response time

Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales CNES - 10/18/2016


Accurate measurement system for the transfer time of the electrical signal owing through a transmission or receiver antenna, i.e. group propagation time (GPT) The measurement is taken by means of an innovative re ector system capable of re ecting a wave with the same polarisation as the incident wave. The system can measure GPT without the use of a standard antenna.


Accurate measurement of antenna GPT - Better understanding of measured antennae - Possibility of inspecting production lines by means of sampling - Reduction in the inaccuracy of measurements taken via standard antennae


Stand-alone device - Freedom from the use of standard antennae - Direct and accurate GPT measurement Universal measurement system - Measurements can be taken on linear or circular polarisation antennae - Suitable for transmitter and receiver antennae - Can be con gured to any frequency

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