Multifunction network antenna

Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales CNES - 10/18/2016


This invention deals with antenna system and electro- nics bean-forming. The system is simplified and made less expensive by powering only part of antennal ele- ments. Those who are not powered remain excited by mutual coupling with those powered (see Figure 1). The choice of distribution between the powered elements and those working by coupling as well as the characteristic of the coupling, allow to configure the radiation pattern of the antenna according to the desired performance. The elements can present various access to generate several beams with orthogonality in frequency and / or polarization (multifunctional character)


A significant cost reduction - Flexible solution offering adjustable compromise between cost and performance of the antenna - Simple - Economic - Compact


Innovative technology - Non-powered elements are excited by mutual coupling with the powered elements - The radiation pattern of the antenna system is configurable by the control of the power laws of excited elements and complex impedances of coupled elements - Allow design of one ou more reconfigurable (orthogonal) beams A simple and efficient system - Better surface performance against a lacunar system - Circuit simplified and more compact power supply

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