Architecture for array antenna (OAM)

Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales CNES - 10/18/2016


The invention deals with a new OAM network antenna architecture for which beamforming is done through the use of PSK modulators / demodulators (or other kind) placed upstream of each radiating element (or group of radiating elements). The control of the amplitude and the phase of the output of each modulator is used for forming the signal sent to the radiating elements of the array antenna. It allows to generate a beam with special features while being able to modify them instantly.


A significant cost reduction - Use of commercially available components (anten- na, modulator, etc.). Improved performance - High-speed transmission, - Better performance than the state of the art


Innovative technology - High flexibility of OAM beamforming using the same antenna
 - Configurable architecture for a given application
 - Signal encoded in a physical way on the mode order allowing direct encoding between a transmitter and a broadband receiver A simple and efficient system - Existing technology, simple and reliable - Standard modulators & demodulators
 - Fast switching 
- High Speed

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